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Why EV owners choose Turo

Turo and EDF have partnered up to offer an exclusive deal to EV owners sharing their cars on Turo.

 Turo makes owning an electric vehicle even easier by allowing EV owners to make money from their car by sharing it with other drivers when it’s not being used.

Let your EV pay for itself

Reduce your car ownership costs by monetising your EV when you’re not using it.

List your EV

EDF customers get an exclusive incentive to share their car on Turo.

Each EDF customer that lists their electric vehicle on Turo will have their first £400 of earnings doubled**. With Turo hosts earning an average of £442 a month***, EV owners could well earn £800 within a few weeks, all whilst promoting EV usage across the UK.

Let your EV pay for itself with Turo & EDF

Turbocharge your earning potential with these incentives for EDF customers

Redefine car ownership

Join Turo’s mission to better utilise existing cars on the road, whilst also increasing EV adoption by making EVs more accessible to all.

Encourage others to go electric

Help people make the switch by listing your car on Turo so prospective EV owners can try before they buy.

Join the thousands of EV car owners sharing their cars on the world’s largest car sharing marketplace.

“Listing on Turo was actually one of the main reasons I decided to buy my car.”

How Brian used Turo to help pay for his electric car

* Not a complete summary of the Turo protection plan. Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply.

**Based on average monthly earnings, including reimbursements for incidentals, from January 2020 to December 2021 for listings with at least 12 completed trips per year with an average approval rating of at least 95% and an average 5-star rating of at least 80%. This figure excludes earnings data from March, April, and November 2020, and January to March 2021, during which time the UK was in national lockdown. Actual earnings may vary.


We are offering new hosts an incentive through the end of December 2022. If you qualify, Turo will match your first £400 of Turo earnings.

To qualify, you must:

  • Create a Turo account and list your car directly from the link provided;
  • Add a new vehicle listing between September 9th, 2021 and October 31st, 2022 and keep the listing on the Turo platform for a minimum of three months from initial listing date
  • Complete trips with the newly added vehicle booked to start between September 9th, 2021 and December 31st, 2022.

The incentive is limited to peer-to-peer hosts with listings in the UK.
Only the actual host earnings will be considered to calculate the incentive amount. Actual host earnings means only the daily rate amount received by the host for bookings of the Listing during the Incentive Period.
This does not include any Extras fees, reimbursements, additional fees, or Turo fees.
Turo will add the applicable earnings incentive to your account 2 weeks after the vehicle has been live on Turo for 3 months if you meet the incentive qualifications outlined above. Turo may add the incentive via your standard earnings payout or request that you enable an alternative mechanism using a third-party payment service provider.
The incentive will be voided if the booking expires or is declined, changed, or cancelled. Limit one incentive per host.

Incentives are: 

  • non-transferable
  • not for resale
  • not able to be combined with other offers. 

Turo reserves the right to change or limit this incentive in its sole discretion. Usual terms and policies apply. Users with a Turo account that is suspended or closed are not eligible for this incentive. If Turo suspects fraud, tampering, violations of the Turo Terms of Service, or technical errors, we reserve the right to any remedy. Remedy may include denial of the incentive or cancellation of your account or listings. Sometimes Turo provides a translation of the English version of these terms. If we have done so here, and if there are discrepancies in meaning, the English language wording takes precedence. 

More and more EV owners are deciding to join the world’s largest car sharing marketplace.

You're covered

£20 million liability insurance
Safe & trusted community
Physical damage protection

With a protection plan you choose through Turo, you’re covered with up to £20,000,000 in liability insurance provided by our insurance partner Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance.

Turo screens all guests before allowing them to book, so you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands.

Maintain peace of mind and take home 75% of the trip price when you opt in to the Turo protection plan, which includes contractual protection against physical damage with no deductible.*

List your EV