Introducing Extras

Introducing Extras

Add some extra goodies
for extra earnings

Turo is thrilled to introduce Extras, a brand new feature to help create an even more complete and convenient travel experience for your guests.

Add some extra goodies for extra earnings

What are Extras?

Extras are additional items hosts can offer to their guests like sporting equipment, child seats, prepaid refueling, and unlimited mileage — amenities that create an awesome experience for guests and make a little extra money for hosts.

Let’s say you’re a host and your guest has booked your car for an outdoor excursion in a nearby national park. You can offer your bike rack, surfboard, or tent as Extras to help make their adventure that much better.

Or maybe your guest is on a business trip from abroad and might benefit from a portable WiFi hotspot. Whatever the purpose of your guest’s trip, offering Extras can help make their journey even more convenient, comfortable, and memorable.

Earn more with Extras

As a host, you can earn more with each trip by providing Extras. Turo hosts set their own Extra prices and keep 90% of that price.

For many Extras, a small upfront investment will create ongoing returns with little added effort. For example, just a few trips could cover the cost of a basic child safety seat. Or if you already have high-quality items that guests might like to add for their trip, put them to work for you! Think of those camping chairs in the attic, the second surfboard you don’t use anymore, or that rooftop car storage box in the garage. 

Be sure to offer high-quality Extras, as your guests’ experiences with Extras will also reflect in their trip reviews. And keep in mind that Turo’s protection plans don’t cover your Extras, so be sure to set clear guidelines with guests on how to use them and the return condition you expect.

You can also add convenience Extras like prepaid refueling and post-trip cleaning. With these options, you can write a custom description to let guests know to return your car with any fuel level for a flat fee, which you control. Here’s a great description that one Turo host wrote: “Rushed for time? Prepay for your fuel here and return the car with any fuel level. We'll take care of refueling it when you return the car.”

Providing these above-and-beyond services to your guests could earn you rave reviews and will make your listing stand out. And don’t forget to provide every guest a full tank of gas (or a full battery charge) and a clean car at the start of every trip, regardless of whether they have purchased prepaid refueling or post-trip cleaning.

For more details on how to provide Extras, read Turo’s official Extras policies or visit our Host FAQ page.

How to add your Extras

Make sure you have the latest version of the Turo app, then visit the Vehicles section of your Host Hub where you’ll see all of your listings. Click or tap into any listing, and you’ll see a new category, Extras, in each listing’s settings.

Choose the Extras you want to offer, select the quantity if applicable, and add colorful descriptions to illustrate them and make them unique. For each Extra, you can set your prices per day (great for recreation equipment and gear) or per trip (great for guest conveniences like prepaid refueling and post-trip cleaning). When guests book your car, they can see the Extras offered on your listing and opt to purchase them for the trip during checkout.

Capture your guests’ interests in your Extras with these simple tips:

1. Price your extras reasonably and competitively

Extras are optional for guests to purchase, and other hosts will be offering Extras too, so inflating the price might factor into whether a guest books your car or someone else’s.

2. Write rich descriptions

Guests will depend on these descriptions to decide whether or not they want to buy your extras.

3. Consider your guests' needs

Offer Extras you think people will want to use in the context of your specific vehicle. If you’re sharing a minivan or SUV, for instance, a child safety seat might add a lot of value to families looking at your car. If you live near the beach, a surfboard, beach blanket, or picnic gear might do the trick.

Besides the bonus of added earnings, Extras present a great opportunity to provide service that goes above and beyond the call of hosting duties. Get creative, add some Extras, and have fun with it!

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What are Extras?

Earn more with Extras

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