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picture perfect

Better pics mean more clicks

5 easy tips

Turbocharge your Turo listing with beautiful, aspirational photos of your car. Well photographed cars get as much as 50% more traffic to their listings than listings with lackluster photos. 

Get some quick and simple tips on taking good photos yourself, or scroll down to connect with a Turo-approved professional photographer in your area.

Make your listing picture perfect

for snapping great photos of your car

Tip #1: Take clear photos of your car

Your car photos should be clear and crisp — blurry shots look unprofessional and won’t build trust with your prospective guests.

Think angles. Strange angles are unsettling and don't accurately depict your car. Shoot your vehicle from the front, back, both sides, and — if you're feeling fancy — from a three-quarters angle and make sure the lines of the vehicles edges are parallel to the edges of the photo. Be sure to include interior pictures so your guests know where they'll be sitting.

Tip #2: Orient your vehicle naturally

Be sure to include your whole car in the photos — don’t crop parts of the car out so guests can get the full picture. Take a few steps back, so you can be sure the car has some breathing room around the edges.

Tip #3: Take a step (or five) back

Lighting can make or break your photos — bright or harsh lighting on a shiny surface (like your car) will create glare, and dim lighting can wash your car out. 

Shoot in the morning or evening, when the light is softer. Target golden hour to increase your chances of some truly magical shots.

Tip #4: Shoot during the early morning or evening hours

Using stock photography is not only against the Turo Terms of Service, but also can be misleading for your guests. 

Since your car is uniquely yours — color, trim, dings, scratches, and all — it’s critical for you to post pictures of your car, not just a stock model from the dealer.

Tip #5: Never use stock photography

Better pics mean more clicks

5 easy tips

Turo-approved photographers

Leave it to the pros

Want to leave the photo shoot to the pros? 

Get in touch with these Turo-approved photographers in your city to organize a custom photo shoot for your car. Prices may vary by photographer; ask your photographer for a quote when you schedule your shoot.


Alex Robinett

Kenneth Johnathan

Joel Adrian


Ashley Babineaux

Turo-approved photographers


Cyrus Sila Ndolo


Christian de Gail

Ed Koziarski

Jorelle Gates

Dallas / Fort Worth

Stanford Todd

Erik Marroquin

Timothy Silver


Bernice Alvarez King

Chase Hoffman


Ed Serecky


Anderson Leaw

Ehren Pierle


Manuel Cortes

Raymond Sauceda

Las Vegas

Caslin Katsaros

Los Angeles

Tom Rueby

Larry Griffin

Guido Budani

Sarah Tesfai


Carlos Ramos


Brook Harris


Yasar Awan

Antoni Dabrowski

Jed Soriano


John Baldwin

Amanda Paszkiewics


Jordan Barrett

Will Low


Pablo Robles

Matt Young


Tomas Patlan

Salt Lake City

David Crowther

Jahshua Grover

San Diego

Trudy Brown

Sidney V

Katie Fisher

Timothy Wong

San Francisco Bay Area

Bato Unen

Ryan Bula

jimin Zheng


Jeremy Townsend

Forrest Ramsay

Mehrdad Abbaszadeh Nami

Trevor Freed


Jessica Shaw

Washington, DC

Mohammad Siddiqui

Rod Erickson


Dheron Winfield